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          What the joint protection does is the subtraction, and the transformation is the long-term development pattern. Jiangxi, located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, is a demonstration area for the construction of national ecological civilization. Jiangxi has actively built the “most beautiful shoreline” of the Yangtze River, persisted in making efforts from the strictest protection and high-quality development, closed down more than 1000 small and scattered enterprises along the river, and rejected more than 100 industrial projects that did not meet the requirements.Correspondingly, 138 high-tech enterprises have settled down along the Yangtze River.

        Nowadays, along the Jiangxi section of the Yangtze River, the 10 billion-level Internet, big data, cloud computing and other high-tech industries, such as the Laser Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Topsola high-efficiency photovoltaic modules are accelerating, and the pattern of multiple forces and multiple supports is gradually taking shape along the Yangtze River.


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